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Colon Hydrotherapy Reviews

Reviews from our clients

"Having been diagnosed with IBS, over the years I've tried many regimens from following specific diets, exercise, medications and nothing worked. My symptoms included severe bloating and pain after every meal. A friend recommended to try colonics and I decided to do so. After the first visit my symptoms went away completely. I went again for a follow up the week after and also felt great. I haven't gone since and my symptoms are gone. The colonic specialist was very accommodating, helpful, relaxed and had a soothing voice. She made the experience very pleasant. I highly recommend anyone who suffers from IBS or any related digestive issues to try colonics- it could really change your life for the better."
Anonymous, PhD Candidate
“I was recommended by a friend who told me about the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy. I was a bit nervous initially but during the session that quickly changed after witnessing the toxicity and waste that was being expelled from my core. I was left speechless and amazed after the experience. The environment was also very supportive and calming. After completing my first three sessions, I’ve noticed a big difference in the way I feel. I would recommend this service to anyone. Simply amazed.”
Abbey, Product Buying Assistant
It was a great pleasure to meet my therapist and speak to her before using the Angel of Water technology. She is incredibly empathetic and has a calming effect that is perfect to get you ready for the session. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to use the technology alone (after well explained instruction and guidance) as i was able to go into a deeper meditative state to allow more efficient release and cleansing!
Milena, Artist
“I tried colonics for the first time after the age 50. I was overweight and overcoming decades of bad lifestyle choices including addictions. People said I looked like ‘the walking dead.’ I knew I had to make some big changes. Detoxing with colonics , along with improving my diet, has helped me regain my vitality and made it easier for me to quit drinking. My weight significantly reduced. I feel and look about ten years younger. I continue to use colonics as I improve my lifestyle."
Nick, Renovator/Builder
“I am a personal trainer and do everything I can to keep my body in peak condition. I have been doing colonics a few times a year for over 7 years now. I do it mainly for detox, but also find it helps keep my stomach flat, my skin clear, my digestion regular and my energy levels high. I recommend it to most of my clients, especially if they are working on the stomach.”
Richard, Personal Trainer